The Company


    FA.PEL Srl was established in 1986 and the founder partner is Mr. Andri Alessandro, the current company administrator.

    During the years, the company has specialized in the production of cow split leather for FOOTWEAR (1), SOFT FURNISHING (2), LEATHER GOODS (3), CLOTHING (4) and SAFETY PRODUCTS (5).

    1 - Split leather for footwear: we manufacture hides with thickness from 0,7mm to 1,4mm, both suede and finished/pigmented in every fashion colour and print; the destination of these productions is SHOE UPPER, LINING, FOOTBED  and INSOLE (harder footbed). A special attention is to be given to our split leather manufacture for lining, treated with an antibacterial product that has bacteriostatic and antifungal capabilities.

    2 - As for soft furnishing, our production is addressed in particular to bottom splits (with average sizes ≥ 16 pq) and shoulders (with average sizes ≥ 11 pq) in every colour and print, with all the technical characteristics for soft furnishing, especially CHAIRS.

    3 - We offer suede split and nappa leather both smooth and printed (SAFFIANO, DOLLARO and COCCO printings in particular), together with the classical products suitable for the manufacture of bags, wallets, suitcases and small leather goods.

    4 - Our production for clothing consists in caw suede splits and nappa leathers, in every fashion colour with a thickness (depending on the article) from 0,5 to 0,8 mm. We can also offer a lot of printings (nappa, grain, cocco, etc.) and several manufacturings (transparent, aged, marbled) always bearing in mind the softness and lightness of leathers. The size of leather varies from 13 to 15 pq on average: this size facilitates a higher performance in the cutting of clothing items.

    5 - Regarding safety products, our leathers are manufactured in Italy following the CEE legislation: exempt from PCP, chromium +6 and nitrogenous products. The production includes leather for industrial gloves, for footwear (shoe upper, toe puff, lining) and also aprons, gaiters and jackets.


    FA.PEL Srl assures:






    A fundamental detail of our company is understanding OUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS: the production is held under a strict control, starting from the selection of leather to the thinning, the manufacturings, and the final measuring and delivery. This makes of FA.PEL Srl a company on which OUR CLIENTS CAN COUNT.